Orphan Pharmacy Services exists to bring innovative therapies to patients through a new collaborative approach with patients, physicians, caregivers, and industry partners.

We are a purpose-built specialty pharmacy providing access to pharmaceutical therapies pre-FDA approval and post FDA approval for our patients with life threatening orphan diseases.

Our clients are academic research consortia and we serve them by providing research pharmacy services in conjunction with clinical research studies and expanded access programs (EAPs).

Our work with pharmaceutical companies includes supporting clinical studies by providing pharmacy and HUB services for Investigational New Drugs, and commercial pharmacy and HUB services for FDA approved pharmaceutical products.

Operationalize and Manage Trial and Comparator Drug(s)

We procure, store, dispense to, monitor inventory at, and dispose of unused drugs from each study site. We’ll work with your Principal Investigator and Trial Site Pharmacies to ensure the drugs are where they need to be when they need to be there.

Clinical Trial Management Team Partnership

We work alongside your CRO and entire clinical trial team from protocol planning and development, through FDA and IRB approvals, through prelaunch trainings, site launches, through the end of the study and beyond. We are available for additional services as needed throughout the trial.

Clinical Trial Sites Partnership

We establish and maintain solid working relationships with the Principal Investigators, trail site pharmacies, and entire trial teams at each study site.

Seamless Progression along Drug Approval Continuum from Clinical Trial to EAP to Commercial Drug

We maintain therapy continuity for subjects as access to drug expands to larger groups of HCPs. We plan for this on the front end so operations run smoothly at each transition.

Clinical Trial Data Reports

We collaborate with the Clinical Trial Team early in the process to ensure pharmacy data reports support exactly what the protocol requires.

Drug and Disease State Training

We will provide clinical training per the protocol, and drug administration training to subjects and caregivers as needed.

REMS Compliance

If any drug in the protocol requires REMS, we will operationalize into our processes and ensure complete compliance throughout the trial.

Customized Full or Ad Hoc Clinical Support

We design a suite of clinical support services to meet the needs of your unique therapy, disease state, and patient population(s).

Clinical Support by Telephone

Nurses trained on your therapy and disease state reach out to patients and/or HCPs according to a predetermined schedule based on careful analysis of therapy and disease progression to support adherence to therapy.

Clinical Education

We develop programs to educate patients, caregivers, and HCPs on disease states and therapy processes to set realistic expectations on how to prevent and treat side effects and stay on treatment.

REMS Compliance

Managing the specialty drug process is already complex. If your therapy also has a REMS requirement, we ensure that the pharmacy, patient/caregiver, and HCP are in complete compliance with all REMS requirements.

Designated Pharmacy Team

For certain therapies, having one team designated and trained to field all calls for your specific therapy can develop synergy when working with patients and dealing with insurance hurdles and reimbursement issues.

Robust First Fill and Refill Programs

New drug launches offer unique opportunities to service patients new to therapy. A specialized program proactively addresses this population as operational and manufacturing issues are being worked out. These and other therapies and populations may also benefit from a custom refill support program that can help with adherence.

Priority One: Patient Access to Your Therapy

As your partner pharmacy, we have the same goals you do. We’ve mastered the dynamics of HCPs and their busy offices. And we know the ins and outs of managed care systems so we can keep things moving along our streamlined pathway to access. We have resources at our fingertips to process payment from all available sources to help ensure reimbursement issues do not get in the way of access.

Specialty Pharmacy Commercial Drug Dispensing, Distribution, and Data Services

We are a full service accredited national Specialty Pharmacy and Wholesaler with a state of the art pharmacy management system specifically designed to provide the robust, timely, and accurate data reports our partners require to solve complex business issues.

Quality Clinical Analytics

Quality in, quality out. Highly trained clinicians and pharmacy staff are guided by our detailed quality procedures as they input data. This important step helps ensure only quality data is reported back out to our partners.

24/7/365 Pharmacist Support

Patients are educated on exactly how to reach us anytime to help avoid lapses in therapy.

Active Listening and Smart Communication

We listen to our patients for anything that may interfere with therapy adherence and offer targeted, well researched suggestions to help them stay on track.

Special Training to Work with All Types of Patient Populations

Unique populations have unique needs. Whether due to age, language, disability or disease state, our pharmacy staff is trained to make sure effective communication happens with every patient.

Servicing our first clinical trial in 2018:

"A Novel Approach to Infantile Spasms: Combined ACTH and Vigabatrin Induction Therapy." Sponsor: University of Colorado, Denver Collaborators: Pediatric Epilepsy Research Foundation, West Therapeutics, Inc.

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STOP Infantile Spasms.

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