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Bringing together experts in the field of Ophthalmology.  OPS continues to be a leader in the field of eye care and eye medicine.  

Neurological Medicine

With over 4 decades of expertise behind us, OPS provides pharmacy and consultation services for the specialized group of neurologic patients.  

Opioid Treatments

We have helped thousands of patients overcome their opiod addictions.  OPS specializes in the field of Opioid treatments and medicines. 

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Stop Waiting in lines and stop waiting for answers. 
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Orphan Pharmacy Services is a specialty pharmacy that can help save you up to 80% off your ED medications.

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We protect our customers from fines and disciplinary actions by strictly adhering to (i.) Federal and State laws in the distribution of stock medications, (ii.) Federal and State laws in the use of an FDA-registered repackager, (iii.) Adherence to the Drug Quality and Security Act (DQSA), (iv.) EPA, DEA, FDA, DOT rules and regulations for pharmaceutical waste and hazardous medication destruction guidelines, (v.) DEA regulations regarding controlled medication disposal, and (vi.) NCCHC and ACA accreditation standards.

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