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Patient Services


Personalized Care Management 

We know there is no one out-of-the-box solution for everyone. OPS will customize your plan of care based on your individual needs, your condition and the medication that you take. We provide clinical expertise and compassionate care throughout your entire treatment journey.


Medication Therapy Management

OPS carries an exclusive Adherence Pill Pouch product that helps you track and schedule your medications.  We also provide on demand pharmacy consultations when you have any questions or concerns.


Prior Authorizations and Benefits Coordination

We have been a specialty pharmacy for years. So we are experienced in handling all the paperwork. That way, you can focus on your healing. We provide help with prior authorizations and benefits coordination.


Financial Assistance

Medical costs keep skyrocketing.  That shouldn't mean patients can't get access to their meds.  We offer financial assistance and program referrals.

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